Data Hosting & Visualization

Instant Data Dissemination

Our data hosting and visualization services are designed to provide an easy to use, seamless online interface to host your data. Using our custom hosting interface, upload your data quickly for instant live visualization on the MRTIS website. Provide your custom sourced data to the maritime community the instant you’ve finished sourcing it. Data will be accessible via desktop and mobile interface for viewing, including a live AIS vessel map overlay. In addition, our data hosting interface will implement verification checks to ensure your data adheres to quality standards.

Key Features

Data Hosting

Host your data on highly available cloud servers. Our services provide fast response via solid state storage architecture.

Data Visualization

Visualize your data across a variety of charts and maps. See the exact location of vessels and their history with respect to your data.

Verification Checks

Mass amounts of data sourced by a variety of individuals can suffer from human error. Our custom data verification checks can help to ensure your data is provided accurately and up to quality standards.

Instant Processing

Your data will be available across the entire website the instant it passes verification checks. Ensure there are no delays between sourcing your data and it being received by the maritime community.

Historical Replays

Safety related data such as depth soundings can be essential with regard to historical data. We provide detailed vessel history data to see past vessel maneuvers relative to your data.

Mobile Friendly

Often complex data visualization systems don’t provide compatibility with mobile devices. Whether at home or on the go, view your data quickly and with ease.

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