Emergency Preparedness

A Customized Solution for
Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Management and Response requires the ability to access a wide range of information from a variety of sources, all within a short time parameter where seconds mean the difference between a major or a minor emergency. The standard one-size-fits-all approach to maritime AIS and situational awareness cannot meet this requirement. The MRTIS Emergency Operation Center (EOC) account provides an exceedingly customized resource tailored to the needs of the Mississippi River and your Port. Our services prevail at filtering out needless information and bringing forward the information that counts, all with the final goal of improving safety through quick and concise emergency management.

Key Features

Emergency Information

Using our customized services, add necessary emergency information where and when you need it. MRTIS specializes in isolating specific information for use in times of emergency. Allow the mariner to easily locate tugs, assist vessels, pipelines and other important emergency information.

Water Intake Locations

In the event of a spill, immediately identify the location of water intakes. Quickly determine which intakes are at risk, along with the necessary identifying information to notify the appropriate parties.

Oil Spill Drift

Estimate oil spill drift down the river with respect to the current river velocity. Provide your emergency response team with a more accurate location of the leading edge of the spill.

Man Overboard Drift

Estimate man overboard drift with respect to the current river velocity. Provide the USCG search helicopter with a more accurate search radius and possibly save lives.

History Services

MRTIS history services provide detailed traffic history. With the ability to view vessel history tracks, or replay a complete traffic situation in the past, gain awareness and insight into your port operations.

Mobile Friendly

Emergencies happen on their own schedule, often at inconvenient times when you may not be in the office. Whether at home or on the go, our services are accessible for quick and easy use via our mobile friendly interface.

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