Situational Awareness for Pilots

The MRTIS Horizon Personal Pilot Unit (PPU) is a stand-alone system that connects to shipboard AIS equipment and receives real-time vessel data. It is designed to improve traffic management and situational awareness for Pilots on the Mississippi River. Its purpose is to assist as an indirect mechanism to improve safety by supplementing standard tools such as the bridge radar. As an addition to the real-time vessel data, our proprietary antenna infrastructure of approximately 15 towers provides additional data outside of the ship’s range. This supplemental data allows the mariner to view a more complete picture of the traffic situation without being limited by the ship’s antenna. The MRTIS Horizon PPU combines this vessel data with a robust range of other important information to provide the mariner improved situational awareness.

Key Features

Robust chart options.

We provide both government and custom charts. Our custom chart sources multiple agencies to provide quality data and is derived from periods of low river to show the true bank hiding underneath the water.

Security where it counts.

The MRTIS PPU receives supplemental data through its private AIS tower infrastructure. This private network provides improved security against malicious internet users.

Full stand-alone capability.

Our PPU has shipboard pilot plug integration and full stand-alone capability. It will work regardless of whether or not the internet is working.

Ghosting for awareness.

We provide a custom ghosting system built to detect when a ship turns off their AIS. Improve your awareness of available anchorage space and slow-bells required for docked vessels.

Predictor made for the river.

Our PPU provides a custom-built predictive path vector for the high currents of the river. In contrast to blue-water PPU products, we seek to anticipate the unique currents of this river.

Personal pickup service.

With our personal pickup service, get a working PPU the same day yours is sent off for repair. Our technician will meet you at a convenient location with a replacement unit so you can continue working safely.

Always custom.

Everything about our system is customized and built specifically for the Mississippi River. We are primarily focused only on the information that will benefit you and improve your situational awareness.

We are here.

Our owners and technicians live here. Because we are here, we were able to get into recovery mode the morning after hurricane Ida. We had full coverage before the first ships were ordered to move.

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